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Death Note trailer gives fans their first real look at Ryuk, the death god

He’s here

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Death Note has a full-length trailer, giving fans of the original anime and manga series something more to go off following the first teaser for the movie.

The trailer focuses on Light Turner, a high school student who comes across a notebook that gives him the ability to kill whomever he wishes without leaving a trace. All he has to know is the victim’s name. In the trailer, we see Light learn how to use the notebook for his vigilante purposes.

The highlight of the trailer, however, is getting a better look at Ryuk, the god of death who dropped the notebook onto Earth out of boredom and curiosity. In the manga, Ryuk stays by Light’s side as the high schooler conducts his vigilante experiment, watching and helping Light discover all of the power the notebook gives him.

While picking off criminals one by one, however, Light becomes the target of an investigation led by a brilliant detective of sorts named L. The two will inevitably play a game of cat and mouse as L tries to uncover who’s behind the series of grisly murders while Light tries to evade him at any cost.

Death Note, directed by Adam Wingard, will be available to stream on Netflix on Aug. 25.

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