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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s new update gives online players a big boost

Back of the pack gets a chance to head to the front

Mario aiming a green shell at Bowser Jr. in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo

Nintendo’s patched up a bunch of issues with its latest Mario Kart 8 Deluxe version update. Between glitch fixes and other annoyances, there’s a lot of convenient changes now in the game.

The biggest is great news for racers who lag behind the competition in online races. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s item boxes will be more generous to players, handing out items meant to help them catch up with the rest of the racers. Expect to see more Gold Mushrooms and Bullet Bills, and fewer Green Shells and Bananas.

Other updates to the game’s online modes include fixing a problem where the item wheel spun constantly; correcting a glitch with the Boomerang item that required players to collect a second item before being able to use it; and a removal of communication errors that occurred during spectator matches.

The whole list of patch notes is as follows — note that not everything is a fix, however. There’s also a new Pikmin costume for the Mii driver, unlocked by scanning any Pikmin amiibo.

Players can use Pikmin-themed amiibo to unlock a Pikmin Suit for the Mii driver.

Race rules and course name are now displayed on loading screens for online and wireless play, as well as Mario Kart TV.

Players who are behind in online matches will receive items geared toward catching up more frequently.

In online matches, no more than two Piranha Plants will be granted as items at the same time.

Controls are no longer unresponsive when the timer runs out when choosing a Mii racing suit for online matches.

When a player uses an item right after the Super Horn in online matches, that item will now remain available for other players.

Item wheel no longer spins continuously in online matches.

Online matches now end as intended 30 seconds after the first place racer finishes.

The Boomerang now returns to the first slot, if possible, after a player catches it.

Items shown in a player’s item slots now display correctly when holding an item behind them.

No longer possible to use an item after it has been used to block an attack.

Communication errors no longer occur frequently while spectating or after spectating online matches.

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