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Diablo’s Malthael joins Heroes of the Storm’s roster

The Reaper is coming soon, sans cowbell

Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes of the Storm's next character is Malthael, the bringer of death from the Diablo canon.

Malthael is currently in development and will join the game, soon, Blizzard said Friday. Malthael had been considered for the game as far back as 2015's Diablo-themed Eternal Conflict expansion, but Blizzard went with Leoric instead.

Malthael is an assassin class character whose abilities are built around the "Reaper's Mark," which lasts for four seconds on affected characters. The mark reveals enemies and deals damage equal to 2.5 percent of their max health per second.

Reaper's Mark is a component of three primary attacks: Soul Rip, Wraith Strike and Death Shroud. Malthael's heroic ability, Tormented Souls, deploys "a torrent of souls" to apply the Reaper's Mark to nearby enemies for four seconds. Last Rites, the other heroic, saps 50 percent of a hero's missing health. Moreover, a kill made with Last Rites reduces the ability's cooldown by 5 seconds, to a minimum of 15 seconds.

More about Malthael’s abilities can be found on the character’s official page.

In the Diablo canon, Malthael was formerly the Archangel of Wisdom. He was the central figure of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, the game's first expansion, which launched in 2014. Malthael is a garden-variety doombringer, determined to eliminate anything corrupted by demons. That means humankind.

Malthael will be the 67th hero in the Heroes of the Storm roster; the last addition was D.Va from Overwatch.

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