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Breath of the Wild’s hard mode pits Link against the hardest enemy from the very start

No shirt, no shoes, no chance of survival

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Master Trials content, which includes a much harder difficulty setting, is already proving to be a challenge to players. From the very beginning, Link’s given the chance to prove his strength against one of the game’s toughest enemies to defeat.

The Lynel is notorious for its high level of defense; the beast can fend off almost all of Link’s attacks. In the normal version of Breath of the Wild, players don’t run into the various types of Lynel until a bit later on. During Link’s first encounter with the Lynel, he’s at least got some armor and weapons at his disposal, even if they won’t do him much good.

In hard mode? No dice. The Lynel can show up in the very first area, the Great Plateau. That’s not exactly a safe zone as-is, but at that point of the game — as seen in the video above — Link doesn’t even have any clothes yet, let alone weapons or armor to help him out in the fight.

Thankfully, players found plenty of extreme ways to crush the Lynel not long after Breath of the Wild first launched. Maybe those tactics will help out in hard mode ... but best of luck to you all.

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