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Bubsy’s best game just got remastered

A world-weary Bubsy visits a retrospective for his own game

Bubsy standing outside of a fake Applebee’s restaurant
Bubsy outside of his Applebee’s installation
Arcane Kids

Indie developer Arcane Kids, creator of the Sonic Dreams Collection, has released a remastered version of its 2013 browser game Bubsy 3d: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective.

The game is exactly what it sounds like. You play as everyone’s least favorite video game mascot, Bubsy, of Bubsy 3D fame, as he explores the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s retrospective on the light and space artist James Turrell. One thing leads to another and he ends up in a coffin slaloming through stone halfpipes in Hell. Mondays, are we right!

Bubsy the cat sharing a restaurant booth with a bald man, his older self
Bubsy in Applebee’s
Arcane Kids

The game’s remaster features an additional epilogue in which an ennui-filled Bubsy visits a retrospective on the original browser game. Some cats desire lasagna. Others, to be king of the jungle. Bubsy wants only to be enshrined forever as a true artist.

While wallowing in his inadequacies, Bubsy gets half-price appetizers with his older self, apparently portrayed by a Jason Alexander lookalike. He then treks to Michael Heizer’s installation Levitated Mass, a giant boulder suspended above a trench.

It all culminates in Bubsy’s final mission. We won’t give it away, but it does involve a few certain boys being back in town. You can download the full game for Mac and Windows PC from its website. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming canonical entry in the Bubsy saga.

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