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Super Mario 64 speedrun record broken twice in one weekend

A dramatic 48 hours for the community

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Super Mario 64 reasserted itself as one of the most exciting games to speedrun this weekend, when two new world records were set within just two days of each other.

Just a month ago, we reported that streamer Cheese05 had set a landmark new record for Super Mario 64. For the first time, he collected all 120 stars available in-game in less than 100 minutes. That’s a mind-bogglingly fast time that he’s maintained since early May — until June 3, when another streamer came in and swiped that record from him.

Puncayshun has been speedrunning Super Mario 64 for years, but it had been years since he’d held a world record. He changed that this weekend, trouncing Cheese’s previous record by collecting every star in one hour, 39 minutes and 49 seconds.

That’s just eight seconds shorter than Cheese’s previous world record — and, naturally, Cheese was eager to regain his title. Just one day later, on June 4, he made his attempt live on Twitch — and not only did he shave a ton of time off his previous world record, but he bested Puncayshun’s by more than 20 seconds.

The run lasts one hour, 39 minutes and 28 seconds. It just a month, Cheese05 has accomplished three things: He became the first person to break 100 minutes while speedrunning Super Mario 64’s 120-star challenge; he reclaimed his world record in the category; he beat his own seemingly unthinkable record by almost thirty seconds.

Cheese is nothing if not proud of his accomplishments. After setting the new world record, he called his pal Puncayshun with a friendly message.

Who knows what these two speedrunning champions will get up to next weekend.

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