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This may be how the arms work in Arms

The key to keeping those Arms long and limber

Arms - Ribbon Girl Nintendo

The most confounding part of Arms continues to be how the fighters’ springy, stretchy limbs work. Sure, the Switch game’s not quite out yet — it launches June 16 — but Nintendo’s given us enough hints ahead of Arms’ release for us to start understanding the magic behind Arms’ arms.

A tweet from the Arms account suggests what keeps the spring in the step of the game’s cast. It all has to do with those masks they wear, according to a translation.

arms masks
Each fighter wears a mask to keep those spirals in shape.

Every character in Arms wears a mask, and it’s not just to make them look like superheroes. The tweet states that it’s used to help “stabilize” their arms in their iconic spiral shape.

This does create some additional questions, though. For one: Why does Twintelle wear a mask if she doesn’t fight with her arms? In the previous picture we saw of Ribbon Girl outside of the ring, where her arms were perfectly human-like, why did she still keep her mask on?

We still wonder if these arms have the ability to retract and extend at will, but at least we have another clue to what makes them tick. Maybe the game’s full release next week will give us the full lowdown.

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