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Rick and Morty creator: Rick is the one who connects us to God

Let’s get deep ...

Rick and Morty: The Meaning of Life

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Posted by Adult Swim on Friday, June 2, 2017

Rick and Morty’s third season debuts in a couple of months and creator Dan Harmon wants fans thinking about it now. Deep, heavy thoughts.

In this video above, Harmon expounds on the theology of the world of Rick and Morty. Rick, you see, is the connection between God and humankind. But that’s not where it ended.

“There’s a heavy theme of creator and createe in Rick and Morty,” Harmon says in the video. “It’s a fun idea for me that we have gods, we search for meaning, and the highest thought we could have. ‘Who made me?’ and ‘I’m going to make other things.’”

As the video goes on, Harmon uses scenes from Rick and Morty to showcase just how important theology and the question of life’s purpose is to the various characters on the show.

“[Joseph] Campbell calls God an ‘impersonable cosmic force’ and that’s the most terrifying thing about it,” Harmon says. “It doesn’t give a fuck about you.”

Rick and Morty will return this summer to dispense cosmic wisdom for a third season.

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