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Even Nintendo thinks Helix from Arms is gross

His gross factor is off the charts

arms helix group shot Nintendo

Here is a fact: Helix, a sentient strand of DNA who somehow made it onto Arms’ roster, is gross. This is indisputable, even if certain members of Polygon try to argue otherwise. Now, even Nintendo has weighed in to confirm that Helix is seriously disgusting.

On the Arms’ website, Nintendo has stats for each of the playable characters in the game. For the most part, these grids have the same information on them: size, arm girth, speed and jumping abilities, all charted. But then there are two categories exclusive to every character, which highlight their specific abilities.

For Helix, that special, unique quality is “gross factor.” And according to Nintendo, his is off the charts.

helix gross factor chart
Nintendo decrees: Helix is gross.

It’s a little surprising to see Nintendo take such a hard line on this character, but his disgusting, overt sensuality has become too extreme to ignore. His personal data factoids on the website further hammer in just how off-putting Helix is. He ranges in height from 30 centimeters to 250 centimeters, a wild, stretchy range that’s his other main feature; he’s only two years old, yet is somehow capable of competing in the Arms Grand Prix; and he’s actually the work of some mad scientists.

Helix is “an experiment by Arms laboratories, the leaders in Arms research,” the website reads. His role in the game is to “prove the merit of the lab’s latest research.”

Maybe Helix is a really talented fighter. That’s good for him and all, but nothing makes up for the fact that he is super, super gross.

Arms, which we called Nintendo’s freshest new franchise, is out for Nintendo Switch on June 16.

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