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Super Nintendo World looks like a dream come true in first teaser

We're already planning our trip to Nintendo's theme park

The first commercial for Nintendo's upcoming amusement park attraction, Super Nintendo World, hints at what to expect from the Universal Studios Japan experience. It's still years away from opening day, but the teaser paints a picture not far off from fans' dreams of the real life Nintendo experience.

Mario guides us through a computer generated tour of the space. There are plenty of familiar sights and sounds in the teaser, like collectible gold coins, Bowser's Castle and plenty of green pipes.

Super Nintendo World looks to be a mostly Mario-esque affair from this first look. We hope to see more diverse franchises represented when the park officially opens sometime by summer 2020.

Universal Studios Japan will receive the first of these attractions, with resorts in Florida and California to follow in the years to come.

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