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Puzzle Puppers is the dog-based puzzle game of your dreams

12/10, would solve puzzles with these pups again

Puzzle Puppers
These pups are puzzled
Cardboard Keep

Earlier today, we came across Puzzle Puppers, an adorable game reminiscent of Stephen’s Sausage Roll and Push Me Pull You. The game combines the grid-based puzzle solving of the former, while adding the adorably stretchy dogs of the latter.

The premise is simple enough: In each puzzle, you’ll have one or more puppers and you need to stretch their bodies to their color-coded food bowl. Along the way, there are optional hams you can collect to increase the difficulty of the puzzles. As long as your puppers get to their bowl, you’ll solve the puzzle, but completionists will want to get all the hams too, which will give you more hearts. The amount of hearts you get will allow you to unlock more stages.

The game features 80 puzzles, but without the crushing difficulty of Stephen’s Sausage Roll. While you might find yourself scratching your head every few puzzles, the mechanics are simple enough that the solution shouldn’t be too hard to crack.

We made it a quarter of the way through the puzzles and were greeted with a handful of new mechanics that freshen up the gameplay. Eventually you’ll send your puppers through holes and through rivers on your quest to reach those elusive dog bowls — and hams.

Since we picked up the game on iPad, it wasn’t long until we were passing it around to everyone in the New York office. There’s something about solving puzzles with puppers that is so irresistible. Once each new player got their hands on these pups, they eventually got lost in this ham-filled puzzle paradise.

Puzzle Puppers is available on PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

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