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R2-D2 sells at auction for $2.75 million

Luke’s lightsaber, not so much

Lucasfilm/Disney via

Well, now we know how much an Industrial Automaton R2 series astromech droid goes for: $2.75 million, at an auction this week in Southern California. That's about a million times more than they went for 40 years ago. Who says these things depreciate as soon as you take them off the lot?

Profiles in History, an auction house in Calabasas, Calif., reported on its Facebook page that an R2-D2 unit fetched $2.75 million. Luke Skywalker's lightsaber also brought in $390,000

The droid was sold off in the estate sale of its deceased owner.

Lucasfilm via Star Wars Screencaps

Just kidding. The droid was assembled from parts used during the filming of the original trilogy as well as episodes 1 and 2. The owner was looking for $2 million for it.

The lightsaber, used by Mark Hamill in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back had previously been in the archives of Gary Kurtz, the producer of those two films. reports that it will go on display alongside other pieces that Ripley’s has acquired from the Star Wars franchise.

The identity of the buyer or buyers is unknown.

Lucasfilm/Disney via

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