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Another look at Arms’ playable Max Brass (update)

Coming to the Nintendo Switch’s newest game, shortly

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Arms’ first DLC character is Max Brass, who’s been in the game since launch, just not playable. We knew he was coming to the playable roster before the game even launched thanks to a livestream from E3 2017 two weeks ago. Nintendo today put out an official trailer that serves as a highlight reel for what he brings to the table.

Brass won’t flinch when he takes an attack while his arms are charged up. Moreover, his arms are permanently charged up when he’s below 20 percent health. If this makes him a tough customer as an NPC, he should be a lot of fun in the hands of a human player.

The video also shows off more of the championship stage where players fight him in Arms’ single-player mode. It will likewise be part of the free DLC drop later this month, available July 12.

Arms launched on June 16. If you’re looking for more about the game, see our review, or if you already have it, check out our guide.

Update: Max Brass will join the game on July 12, Nintendo announced.

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