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White PS4 Pro announced, but only in Destiny 2 bundle

Brighten up your living room

Glacier White PS4 Pro, vertical console PlayStation Europe/Flickr

If you’re a Destiny fan who hasn’t yet upgraded to a PlayStation 4 Pro, this might be an enticing deal: Sony is bundling Destiny 2 with a white PS4 Pro, the company announced today.

The limited-edition package will come with a physical copy of the game, as well as codes for its Expansion Pass — which grants access to two forthcoming add-ons — and an item called the Digital Content Pack. If that’s the same bundle that’s included in Destiny 2’s Digital Deluxe Edition, it will feature a legendary sword, a legendary emote and a Cabal Empire-themed emblem.

The Digital Deluxe Edition costs $99.99; the console bundle, which contains a “Glacier White” PS4 Pro with a 1 TB hard drive and a matching controller, is now available for pre-order for $449.99 in the U.S. and CA$549.99 in Canada. (It will also be available in Europe, but Sony has not yet announced pricing for that region.) Sony sells the PS4 Pro for $399, so the package represents a savings of about $50 — and of course, you get a white console instead of the default black one.

In fact, the Destiny 2 bundle will be the first time Sony has offered the PS4 Pro in a color other than “Jet Black.” The company similarly took the launch of the first Destiny as an occasion to release a Glacier White version of the original PS4 in a bundle with the game. Sony did eventually release that console on its own, separate from the bundle, but only in Europe. So far this year, we’ve seen white, gold and silver versions of the slim PS4, but only the gold one was available for stand-alone purchase in the U.S.

We’ve asked Sony if it will sell the white PS4 Pro on its own, and we’ll update this article with any information we receive. Destiny 2 and its PS4 Pro bundle will both launch Sept. 6.

Update: A representative for Sony told Polygon that the company has nothing to announce at this time regarding stand-alone availability of the Glacier White PS4 Pro.

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