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Arms’ lore just gets weirder and weirder

This latest update is a trip through history

arms mask history Nintendo/Twitter

Arms is Nintendo’s most bizarre game based on its premise alone. But the game’s Twitter account continues to expand on how strange its backstory is, with the latest update explaining how the sport of fighting with extendable arms came to be.

“120 years ago, thanks to the invention of the masks that help fighters maintain their spirally arms, the sport of Arms was born!” reads a recent tweet from Nintendo’s European Twitter. The post is a translation of an earlier one for the Japanese-only Arms account, as is its follow-up.

“Nowadays, the Arms League gives out these masks free of charge to anyone affected by the Arms ability,” according to the next post in the thread, which just opens up even more questions.

Let’s start here: It sounds like these wild, elastic arms are some kind of ... affliction. People are born with it, and without those masks they wear, their limbs are totally beyond their control. The mask-less guy in the second tweet looks so miserable without one!

We had a hunch about the importance of masks before, but now we just have more questions. What did people do before the invention of masks? What do the masks specifically do to keep people’s arms in shape? Do all people with the gift — or curse — of spiral arms have to fight for the Arms League? And why does Twintelle, who has average, run-of-the-mill arms, still get to participate?

Weirder still: A new mode, out with the game’s first big update tomorrow, will give players a chance to play as end-boss Hedlok, according to Eurogamer. The way that works is two-to-three players will compete for the powerful character’s mask, which will then ... transform them into Hedlok.

Is that how this whole mask thing works? Arms remains a mystery to us, albeit a pretty fun one at parties.

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