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This song for Wii Curling makes us wish it existed

It’s time to bring back Wii Sports

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Wii-Sports-Club-Free Nintendo

Say what you want about the Wii and how it ushered in the casual game revolution: Wii Sports was dope. Nintendo’s left the series on the sidelines since a 2013 Wii U remake, but it still has a fan in YouTuber Gabriel Gundacker, whose composed perfect theme songs for imaginary Wii Sports sports.

The latest edition in Gundacker’s ongoing Twitter series is Wii Curling, an event that I’m desperately sad doesn’t exist in the real Wii Sports. Its theme song is perfectly Winter Olympics-worthy.

Back in November, Gundacker came up with an idea just as niche and perfect. Wii Croquet sounds damn good, even if I have zero interest in ever playing croquet, virtually or otherwise.

The game that kickstarted the series was Wii Volleyball, which has the bounciest theme. It’s also the most realistic Wii Sports minigame; it’s kind of a wonder that Nintendo didn’t throw this into Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort, the beach-y sequel.

The best part of all of these videos is Gundacker’s perfectly content facial expression throughout. Those hilariously unblinking eyes and slightly parted lips could distract from how good the music is — but don’t let them. Resist the urge to drop your head in a fit of laughter and watch these all the way through.

The full playlist with longer versions of the songs is on Soundcloud, so check that out below if Gundacker’s face is too much for you.

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