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Nintendo Switch is getting its first streaming app

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This one’s big in Japan

niconico screenshot Niconico/Nintendo

Nintendo Switch will receive its first video streaming service tomorrow, July 13. It may not be one you’ve ever heard of, though — it’s Niconico, a unique Japanese video platform that’s huge in its home country.

Niconico is best known for its livestreams, which fans can leave comments on that then appear on the video itself. Think of it as YouTube’s live component, except far more overwhelming. Aside from that, users can upload their own videos, which also come with real-time comment pop-ups. The video’s uploader can annotate it too, as well as add special effects — like polls and even quizzes.

It’s also similar to YouTube in popularity, at least in Japan. The Japanese eShop will be the exclusive home to the free Niconico app for now, but Switch owners worldwide can make a Japanese account to download it and start watching some videos on the system.

There’s still no word on when we’ll get stalwarts like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu on Switch. This is an encouraging step forward, if nothing else.