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You won’t have to be at Pokémon Go Fest to reap the rewards

Pokémon Go rewards are going global this summer

pokemon go safari zone Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Next week’s Pokémon Go Fest may be the game’s first live event, but the Chicago-based experience will have special rewards for players worldwide. New details on the Fest from Niantic reveal that every Pokémon Go player will have a chance to unlock bonuses all weekend long.

Those who bought tickets to play Pokémon Go in Chicago’s Grant Park will have the best rewards to look forward to, of course. A series of three “challenge windows” will run over the course of the daylong event on July 22, requiring players to catch certain types of Pokémon within a thirty-minute time limit. Success will bring bronze-, silver-and gold-tier rewards to everyone, even those on the other side of the globe.

Each type of Pokémon caught comes with a different bonus, which range from extra experience points to increased counter rates. The top reward is that gold-tier unlockable, which will launch a special mystery challenge. That’s exclusive to Chicago-based players, but if they manage to beat it — whatever it is — once again, everyone will get to benefit.

Meanwhile, those outside of Chicago will have a challenge of their own. If they catch as many Pokémon as they can during the challenge windows, they’ll be able to extend the Pokémon Go Fest players’ special bonuses. It’s a quid pro quo situation, but Niantic’s keen on getting as many people involved as possible.

European players will have a chance to play outside together later this summer, with special Safari Zone-themed events running across the continent. The first two of these kick off in Denmark and the Czech Republic on Aug. 5, with Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain getting their own Safari Zones later that month and into September. These will have players catching tons of Pokémon, some of which have never been available in Europe.

Tickets are sold out for Pokémon Go Fest already, though third-party sellers are asking for a ton of cash for them. The event kicks off at 10 a.m. CDT on July 22.

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