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Super Mario Odyssey trailer recreated in Dark Souls 3 because ... why not

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Here we go, off the rails ...

Thank you, JellyElite. It's been one month (exactly) since E3 2017 and we just got this earworm out of our heads, and now you recreate Super Mario Odyssey's trailer in Dark Souls 3.

Yes, despite ourselves, we're watching this because, come on, how can you not? "Don't know why, but goddamn if it wasn't a bunch of fun," the YouTuber says.

Dark Souls fans are probably thinking “Wait a minute ...” Yeah, no, you can’t jump up high in the air as those jazzy lyrics say over and over. And that’s the source of the trailer’s best joke (1:46 in the video) — which of course only true players of Dark Souls will get.

There's a source for the Mario Hat mad, which replaces the female version of the Old Sorcerer's Hat. Info on that is in the video's about box.