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Doomfist’s sprays make ‘the greatest’ references

He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee

doomfist screen Blizzard Entertainment

An update to Overwatch’s public test realm adds sprays for Doomfist, the game’s newest playable character. Blizzard Entertainment has stuffed tons of references to pop culture and the Overwatch canon into Doomfist’s unlockable cosmetic items, as PC players have discovered, and they’re a lot of fun to sift through.

There’s a nice nod to Muhammad Ali among Doomfist’s sprays, calling to mind a famous photograph of “the greatest” boxer standing above his downed opponent, Sonny Liston. The spray is even called “The Greatest,” so Blizzard isn’t shy about what it’s referencing here.

doomfist overwatch spray Blizzard Entertainment

This one’s also great, especially if you’re a Street Fighter fan. The “Move List” spray has a series of arrows that call to mind the buttons required to unleash combos in the fighting game. The twist is a big Doomfist tacked on at the very end, signifying the character’s mighty punch.

doomfist overwatch spray Blizzard Entertainment

The most obscure reference is the “Punch?” spray, which is a throwback to Overwatch’s cinematic trailer:

doomfist overwatch spray Blizzard Entertainment

The video was the first time we got a hint at Doomfist, with his gauntlet appearing encased in glass. A young boy with a cast stares longingly at the rare object, reminiscing over the fight between Doomfist and Winston that ended with the former character heading to prison.

This boy, known as “Punch Kid,” ended up getting his own in-game spray. And to further commemorate him, Doomfist has a spray that mimics Punch Kid’s pose. It’s a cute, subtle nod to one of the smaller players in the Overwatch universe.

overwatch punch kid
There’s the Punch Kid spray ... but please don’t shoot him, McCree.
Blizzard Entertainment/Twitter

Doomfist has yet to come to consoles, but expect him to leave the PTR soon enough.

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