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Giant Pikachu dancing to yodeling is the best thing you’ll watch today

Don’t ask any questions; just watch

The Pokémon Company’s legion of giant Pikachu makes everything better. This is known. We’ve seen them hilariously deflate on stage; we’ve even seen them hang out with Polygon’s New York staff. But we have yet to see them shill a Pokémon-themed vending machine while dancing to traditional Alpine singing.

The pack of costumed dancers show off their talents with some choreography based on, of all genres, yodeling. Most of the commercial’s just a showcase for their fantastic moves, which is totally OK by us. This is probably their best dance routine yet — they form a Poké Ball around the vending machine, man. This cannot be topped.

About that vending machine: It’s got Pikachu all along the sides, with some decent Pokémon-themed items inside. The most notable is Poké Vege, a line of vegetable drinks based on several classic Pokémon, along with some slippers and even a suitcase.

But the main event here are the Giant Pikachu and that perfect, bizarre soundtrack. It’s mesmerizing. There is no better thing on the internet today; promise.