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One of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s most legendary monsters is the latest giveaway (update)

This mystery gift isn’t so mysterious

pokemon sun and moon tapu koko
The standard version of Tapu Koko.
The Pokémon Company

A new promotion is now live in Pokémon Sun and Moon, giving players the chance to download a special legendary Pokémon without going through the hassle of catching it.

This “mystery gift” is Tapu Koko, one of four guardian deity Pokémon in Sun and Moon. Tapu Koko is the first of the quartet that players encounter in-game, appearing just after defeating the Alola region’s Elite Four for the first time. But the giveaway’s Tapu Koko is even more special, as it’s a shiny-colored version of the one-of-a-kind monster.

Unlike the standard yellow-and-orange Tapu Koko, the shiny coloration is a suave black and orange. It’s a nice, if subtle, color swap — not that shiny hunters will care much about that, anyway. As long as this guy glistens, Pokémon collectors will want it in their collections.

The giveaway is available by accessing Sun and Moon’s mystery gift option on the main menu and dowloading it via the internet. The giveaway ends Aug. 14, so better jump on it now to make sure you get yours.

Update: The Pokémon Company updated its site with more info about shiny Tapu Koko, including an end date for the promotion. That’s included in the article, above.

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