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A speedrunner is getting every Undertale ending — for 34 hours straight

That ... doesn’t sound quite healthy

An impressive Undertale speedrun is currently underway, but some community members are concerned that its goal might be too lofty. Streamer Cookiepocalypse is determined to truly 100-percent the game, getting all 93 (!!!) endings without stopping to sleep.

Only die-hard Undertale fans may know that the game has that many endings. Typically, players just follow one of three paths: pacifist, where they don’t kill any enemies; genocide, where they kill everyone; and neutral, which involves killing characters as needed.

But don’t worry, average players; the majority of the other 90 endings just have slight dialogue tweaks. A Google document breaks down each of these endings and how to specifically obtain them, which is what Cookiepocalypse must be following. He expects the daunting task of unlocking them all to take about 34 hours, and the plan is to keep going until he’s finished.

Right now, he’s around the 20-hour mark, with 77 endings unlocked. But players on Reddit and the Undertale forum remain slightly concerned by the sleepless part of his plan.

“Don't get me wrong, I understand long speedruns, I understand silly categories, I understand dedicating long hours to a game, and I understand that it's possible to do all this while still having a healthy, happy life,” wrote one Reddit commenter on the speedrun forum. “But this in particular (and runs like it, like the "all dragon quest" runs and such) seem like they've gone off the deep end of absurdity. Undertale isn't even a visually interesting run.”

It’s true that this sort of speedrun gets repetitive, especially with the granular changes; Undertale is also a text-heavy role-playing game, meaning there aren’t a ton of impressive moves for players to whip out. But what other speedrun enthusiasts are most concerned about is Cookiepocalypse’s health, since he’s sitting in front of his computer for more than a day straight.

“Does anyone else here feel runs like these are excessive and dangerous?” wrote another user. “People die after 12 hours of sitting from blood clots, not to mention the strain on your body from sleep deprivation.”

The key to success is stretching and hydration, however, so hopefully Cookiepocalypse is taking care of himself during the run. It’s almost over, so he’s doing a good job so far — so go ahead and tune in for some really granular Undertale action.

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