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Disney is working on a Planes-like movie, due out in 2019

But it’s not Planes, so don’t worry


Disney showed off the first clip for one of its upcoming movies, which doesn’t currently have a name, that feels a little like Cars spin-off Planes.

The clip, introduced by Pixar’s chief creative officer John Lasseter, was called “The Flight Test” and followed two fighter jets as they darted through the desert and eventually into space. It’s not until halfway through the clip that a pair of eyes — similar to those seen on the various automobiles in the Cars movies — appear on the planes, giving it a similar look.

For those who might not remember — or why may have blocked it from their memories — Planes was Disney’s 2013 movie produced by Disney’s DisneyToon Studios. It was similar to Pixar’s Cars, but followed a group of planes. DisneyToon Studios is also the studio behind the untitled movie.

The most notable difference between Planes and the untitled movie is how much more mature this new project seems. It’s much darker, with ominous music being played throughout the clip. Although the actual planes look like their predecessors, nothing else about the movie indicates that it will follow in those footsteps or make this a spiritual successor.

The untitled movie is due out on April 12, 2019.

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