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Aladdin finds its lead actor in Jack Ryan actor, Will Smith to voice Genie

The search is over

Disney has cast its lead for the upcoming, live action Aladdin.

Mena Massoud, who is best known for his work in TV’s Jack Ryan, will play Aladdin. This news comes just days after The Hollywood Reporter published an article saying that more than 2,000 actors and actresses had auditioned for the part. It was proving more difficult than the studio imagined to find actors of Middle Eastern descent, according to THR.

Massoud will be joined by Naomi Scott, who will play Princess Jasmine. Scott was born in London and is best known for playing Kimberly — or the Pink Ranger — in the newest Power Rangers movie.

Perhaps most exciting, however, is that Will Smith will voice the Genie. In the animated Aladdin, Robin Williams voiced the character and created one of the most popular Disney characters in the process. The actor died in 2014, rocking Disney fans.

Aladdin, which is currently in pre-production, does not have a release date, but more information is expected soon.

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