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Thanos’ villainous Black Order joins Avengers: Infinity War

This will probably tie into Black Panther

Black Order Marvel Comics

By this point in Marvel Studios’ lifespan, you know who Thanos is, but have you heard of the Black Order?

Thanos, the supervillain that Marvel has been teasing since The Avengers in 2012, has a legion of loyal followers that he can call to arms in Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s next Avengers movie. Simply referred to as the Black Order, the various nefarious creatures come from the Black Quadrant, a small moon that belonged to Thanos. They were first introduced in New Avengers #8 and are essentially lethal aliens that accompany Thanos on his journeys to different planets, helping him to ensure those inhabitants bow down before him and present him with respect.

The original Black Order was comprised of Corvus Glaive, Black Swan, Ebony Maw, Supergiant, Proxima Midnight, and Black Dwarf, but based on a reveal today at D23, Disney’s biennial convention, the team has been cut down. As seen in the photos below, the Black Order that will appear in the movie will only consist of Glaive, Proxima, Ebony Maw and a new character named Cull Obsidian, who appears to be standing in for Black Dwarf.

Here’s where it gets a little interesting. In 2013, Infinity, a Avengers and New Avengers crossover, starred Thanos and the Black Order. After learning that there were Infinity Gems in Wakanda, the country where Black Panther resides, he sent the Black Order to the planet to try and steal them for him. Prior to Marvel Studios’ announcement today that the Black Order would be in the film, chief Kevin Feige said part of the reason the studio decided to move the release date of Black Panther up was because of how important the events of the film were to Infinity War. Based on new information, it’s not too unsafe to assume that the Black Order may make an appearance in Black Panther.

Marvel also premiered the first trailer for Infinity War today, which showed off nearly all of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in action — including the newcomer, Spider-Man. Although the trailer isn’t online yet, there is some hope that Marvel will publish it after its panel at San Diego Comic-Con next week.

Avengers: Infinity War will be released on May 4, 2018.

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