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Final Fight’s Abigail coming to Street Fighter 5

New DLC character revealed during Evo 2017 finals

The next character coming to Street Fighter 5 is Abigail, Capcom announced before the game’s top eight finals at the Evo 2017 fighting game tournament.

Abigail is the latest character from Capcom’s Final Fight to cross over to Street Fighter. In the original Final Fight, Abigail was one of the bulky bruisers in the Mad Gear gang, though players didn’t encounter him until late in the game. Another of those Mad Gear giants, Hugo, joined the Street Fighter franchise with Street Fighter 3: Second Impact. While Hugo was a large character, Abigail appears to be the absolute largest Street Fighter character to date, standing nearly twice the height of Ed, as shown in the trailer above.

Abigail is the fourth of six DLC characters included in Street Fighter 5’s season two pass. Capcom has released Akuma, Kolin and Ed as part of the game’s second season so far. Abigail and his stage Metro City Bar Area will be available on July 25.

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