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Hitman’s last Elusive Target ends the first season

Is a season two coming?

Closin’ time.
IO Interactive
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The final Elusive Target for Hitman is out in the game for the next eight days, waiting to be killed. The Entertainer closes out season one of Hitman, which also formally closes IO Interactive's involvement with publisher Square Enix on this game.

The Entertainer's name is Mr. Giggles; Agent 47 must eliminate him and also acquire a client list to complete the mission. If this is the player's first elimination in Marrakesh, the prize is the Summer Suit with Gloves skin for 47. If it’s the player’s first kill with a Silent Assassin rating, they get the Terminus Suit.

Elusive Targets appear only for a limited time and then are gone forever. This is the 26th of the season; players needed to complete half of them to unlock 47's Signature Suit.

And that closes the book on IO Interactive's involvement with the episode-driven reboot of the Hitman franchise. In early May, Square Enix announced it would "withdraw from the business of IO Interactive," whose only active property was Hitman.

A month later, IO Interactive announced it had become an independent studio following the separation from Square Enix, and that it had retained all of the rights to the Hitman intellectual property. IO Interactive created Hitman with 2000's Hitman: Codename 47, published by Eidos Interactive, which acquired IO in 2004. Eidos was later acquired by Square Enix.

Though Square Enix was coy on the record about what would happen to the Hitman game it published beginning in March 2016, rumors at the time had it that IO would take over and deliver a second season, on which development had already begun. If that’s true, it’s not yet been confirmed.

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