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Superhot comes to PlayStation 4 this week

Unleash your inner action-movie hero on Friday

Superhot Team

Superhot and Superhot VR launch for PlayStation 4 on Friday, Sony just announced.

Until now, Superhot had been exclusive to Xbox One and Windows PC, and its VR edition compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The acclaimed time-shifting FPS/puzzle game launched in 2016 on those platforms.

Superhot and Superhot VR are $24.99 each ($19.99 for PlayStation Plus members). Superhot VR is a standalone product, but the two are bundled together for $39.99 ($31.99 for PS Plus members)

Sony says Superhot VR is fully adapted for both the PlayStation Move and DualShock 4 controllers.

We think highly of Superhot, ranking it No. 5 on our list of the best games of 2016. We were sold on Superhot VR, too, saying that it “felt downright rapturous” in VR. In the highly stylized game, time moves only when the user does, allowing the player to carve through impossibly outnumbered fights with action-movie precision, provided they make the right choices and act precisely.

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