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Speedrunner beats five Fallout games in a row in under two hours

It’s a new world record

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The Fallout series’ Vault Boy

Any fan of the Fallout series will tell you how easy it is to spend hours looting and exploring every corner of the wasteland. So you can imagine our surprise when speedrunner tomatoanus finished all five main series games in a row in under two hours.

The runs for the first two games are pretty straightforward. Tomatoanus made characters with maximum essential skills — strength in Fallout, perception in Fallout 2, and endurance and agility for both. From there, he ran like hell past enemies and picked up a few required items to blaze through Fallout 1 and 2 in just under 22 minutes total.

In Fallout 3, tomatoanus made frequent use of a glitch involving rapidly quicksaving and quickloading, which allowed him to skip bits of dialog as well as clip through walls. This meant he was able to warp outside of Vault 101 in the middle of the intro sequence and “swim” out-of-bounds to reach the game’s MacGuffin, the G.E.C.K.

The speedrunning routes for Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 require a whole lot of movement throughout the games’ massive open worlds. Tomatoanus used three distinct strategies for each game to make his characters run significantly faster.

In Fallout 3, tomatoanus used a trick called “speed crippling” in which he quicksaved, broke his character’s legs and quickloaded at the same time. This allowed tomatoanus to run at about 160 percent of the normal velocity. He then proceeded to zip all around the map to a few key locations and finish the game without killing any enemies or equipping additional armor.

For New Vegas, tomatoanus’ glitch of choice was called “reload dashing.” By swapping his revolver ammo while reloading and unequipping the gun, he was able to slingshot his character forward. He then used that strategy to say a quick “hello” to every faction in the game, which was required to complete the final quest. Tomatoanus beat both Fallout 3 and New Vegas in just over half an hour.

Fallout 4 proved to be much more of a slog than the other games. The game’s introductory level is long and unskippable, but tomatoanus passed the time by playing Pokémon Red and Blue. That game’s speed trick, “cover sliding,” involved aiming around an object and quickly switching to third-person view, which allowed him to warp to a whole new position.

Tomatoanus’ final time for all five games, one hour, 37 minutes and 54 seconds, is a verified world record for the “Fallout Anthology” speedrun category. He also currently holds the world record for Fallout 4 in three separate categories. You can watch the full anthology run in the video above.

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