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Sniper Elite 4’s newest update offers more free stuff, wraps up DLC

Smash the Nazis’ dreadful atomic project in chapter 3 of Deathstorm

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Sniper Elite 4's latest update arrives today, adding a new difficulty option and some new weapons while closing out its premium DLC schedule with the third chapter of the Deathstorm campaign.

The free stuff: A "Lock and Load" weapons group offers the M30 Drilling, Mauser M712 and trusty old SVT rifles. There's also a new map for the multiplayer survival mode, "Facility," which is based on the Magazzeno Facility mission from the campaign. And there's "Bunker," a map for the adversarial multiplayer mode based on the Allegra Fortress mission from the campaign.

The free update also adds a new difficulty level, Authentic Plus, which promises "relentless enemies and even fewer display aids." Two new trophies/achievements are offered along with the mode. Also the multiplayer level cap is raised from 50 to 250, and users can choose a scope reticule for their weapon.

For the premium DLC out today, the hawkeyed, Nazi-smashing Karl Fairburne reaches Bavaria, the heart of Germany, and the town Steigerloch, where the German atomic project is being researched. The town sits atop a bunker complex teeming with enemy soldiers. Fairburne is tasked with infiltrating the facility, wiping out the research and anyone guarding it, and bringing the threat to an end. All by himself, naturally.

Sniper Elite 4 launched on Feb. 14 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Polygon scored the game a 6.5, praising its tension and the tactical demands of the user, but lamenting "an inconsequential story and addiction to inane splatter kills."

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