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Marvel Comics: What to expect from San Diego Comic Con this year

Legacy, Runaways and more

Marvel Comics

It’s not just Marvel movies that come to San Diego Comic-Con, it’s also Marvel comics. Just because the company isn’t reserving Hall H doesn’t mean Marvel Comics isn’t bringing news to the biggest comic con of the year.

So here’s what we might see coming out of the blockbuster convention this weekend.


Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona’s cult hit comics series is coming back to Marvel alongside its upcoming live-action TV adaptation on Hulu, and the publisher is pulling out all the stops. Bestselling young adult author Rainbow Rowell will be writing the teen-focused series and king of the fashion-forward superhero redesign, Kris Anka, will be drawing it. The future looks bright for fans of Runaways, and both Rowell and Anka will be at Comic-Con to chat about the book.

Marvel Legacy

Just like DC Comics in 2016, Marvel Comics is rolling out a line-wide relaunch focusing on the classic incarnation of their core characters and the heroes they’ve inspired. Marvel’s Legacy initiative will be reintroducing some classic characters and remind readers of “connections between characters they may have forgotten about.” Overall, it’s about paying tribute to the history within Marvel’s setting.

The relaunch will kick of in September with a 5-page one-shot, the cover of which is already hinting at the return of Bruce Banner (he’s dead), Tony Stark (he’s dead and uploaded his personality into an artificial intelligence), and Thor (he’s lost his hammer) to their classic roles. Many of Marvel’s titles will also revert to the original numbering of their first incarnations in September after years of renumbered relaunches. The Amazing Spider-Man, for example, will make a more than 700 issue jump from #32 to #789.

Marvel has been rolling out creative teams for their relaunch piecemeal for weeks, so expect more hard news about how each book is going to use the themes of legacy and character history that Marvel Legacy purports to be playing with.

More ...

There are lots more folks in the Marvel lineup headed to San Diego this week, and plenty of Q&A panels and surprises promised — but there’s no guessing those chickens before they’re hatched.

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