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Destiny 2 beta glitch gives you infinite super attack (update)

Well, that should help

Destiny 2 - Crucible screenshot
The Arcstrider’s super in action.

The Destiny 2 beta is no joke when it comes to difficulty, even for Destiny veterans. The Cabal Red Legion is a force to be reckoned with — as are their shield generators — and you may find yourself wishing you had some better gear (or perhaps some power ammo for your sniper rifle). Thankfully, players have found a glitch that may come in handy: infinite energy for your super bar.

The LuCKyy_and_BW Twitch channel first discovered the glitch, which is available only in the beta’s strike, The Inverted Spire. Players have since confirmed that it works for all three of the new subclasses available in the Destiny 2 beta: Sentinel Titan, Arcstrider Hunter and Dawnblade Warlock.

Here’s how to take advantage of it. When you begin the strike, don’t go anywhere; just kill the fodder enemies in the area until you see pikes arrive. Then use your super attack while you’re hopping on the pike — if you’ve done it correctly, you’ll see your super weapon in your Guardian’s hands while they’re sitting on the vehicle. At that point, simply swap out your primary weapon for another one and then switch back to the original primary weapon.

Players on the Destiny subreddit are noting that this glitch was also in the first Destiny, which, we guess, further demonstrates that this is very much a beta for Destiny 2.

The Destiny 2 beta is now live for pre-order customers on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will expand to everyone on those platforms on Friday, July 21.

Update (July 20): Bungie said in its weekly update that it is aware of the infinite super glitch.

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