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Pokémon Go’s first legendary Pokémon arrive this weekend

The real prize of Pokémon Go Fest

Pokémon Go is finally getting legendary monsters. Starting this weekend, trainers around the world will be able to catch their first legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Fest attendees will get first dibs on legendary monsters at the Saturday, July 22 event. Players who have tickets to the event in Chicago’s Grant Park will have the chance to catch a legendary Pokémon during an “epic Raid Battle” — that is, if they catch enough Pokémon to unlock it first. If they succeed in defeating it, Pokémon Go players everywhere will be able to start catching that same monster at their own local gyms.

Starting July 23, players will have their chance to team up and have legendary Raid Battles with their friends. These monsters will be much the same as typical Pokémon, except that they won’t be able to defend gyms. Other than that, they’ll be great for showing off in battle or to friends via your Pokédex.

The first legendary Pokémon appears that day, but more will appear later in the year. There’s no hint yet as to which Pokémon this one will be, but we’ll find out this Saturday.

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