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Which of these will be Pokémon Go’s first legendary Pokémon?

Let’s look at our options

pokemon go lugia Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Something huge is coming to Pokémon Go soon: legendary Pokémon, which players can battle and catch for their own collections. The first high-powered, rare monster will appear at Pokémon Go Fest over the weekend, with the rest of the world getting its chance to catch the Pokémon after the event ends.

Niantic isn’t saying which legendary Pokémon will be the game’s very first one, but the trailer for the update gives us plenty of hints. Based on that and our knowledge of the Pokémon canon, let’s take a look at our options for this weekend’s big, special reveal. We’ll find out for sure on July 22.


The first of the three legendary bird Pokémon, Articuno caused a stir last year when a player claimed to have caught one. Niantic later copped to this and other rare monsters appearing in some trainers’ games by mistake. Could we see Articuno officially enter the fray?

articuno Niantic via Imgur


Zapdos is second of the legendary bird trio. It’s an intimidating electric-type, as its brief appearance in the Pokémon Go legendaries trailer suggests.


We like Moltres the best of the three legendary birds. We admit to being biased: Fire Pokémon are the best, subjectively and maybe objectively, too.


Pokémon Go’s first teaser trailer ever showed a gigantic battle in Time Square, and Mewtwo was the star of the show. Grant Park isn’t quite as iconic a battle spot as Times Square is, but having Mewtwo show up in Raid Battles worldwide would be a huge surprise.


The much smaller, cuter version of Mewtwo is one of the most legendary Pokémon around. Its appearance is deceptive; it’s a tough little guy! But we have trouble imagining that this is the kind of “epic battle” Niantic is cooking up for us.


Moving onto the second generation of Pokémon brings us to the legendary beasts. These three doglike monsters are known to roam wild and free around Johto, being particularly hard to nail down. Raikou has the strangest design of the three, so it might be weird to see in-game.

Mewtwo from that old Pokémon Go teaser.
Mewtwo from that old Pokémon Go teaser.
Niantic/The Pokémon Company


Suicune’s gotten a lot of spotlight over the years as the most majestic of Johto’s legendary beasts. This one would be a nice surprise for Pokémon Go.


Meanwhile, Entei starred in its own Pokémon movie back in the day. Again, as a fire-type, it’s our favorite of the dog trio; we’d be down to catch an Entei this weekend.


But our money is on Lugia being Pokémon Go’s first legendary Pokémon. The trailer for the Pokémon Go Fest campaign that will see our first legendary appearance highlights Lugia more than any of the other Pokémon featured. Pokémon Silver is the best Pokémon game ever made, so we’re OK with this if its cover star Lugia is, indeed, our first legendary monster.


Ho-Oh also made a substantive appearance in the trailer, which generally deferred to the franchise’s more airborne legendary Pokémon. Ho-Oh’s heavily featured in the newest Pokémon movie, so an appearance in Pokémon Go may be a good tie-in.


The final possible legendary Pokémon is Celebi, who is the very last Pokémon in generation two. The tiny green time-traveler doesn’t appear often in the mainline games, so we’d be surprised if it were the first legendary in Pokémon Go.

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