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First look at Ghost Recon Wildlands’ 4v4 multiplayer mode

Beta coming late this summer

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a 4v4 multiplayer mode called Ghost War. The class-based tactical multiplayer mode will launch as a free update in the fall, with a beta period coming later this summer.

Ghost War pits two groups of players against each other on wide-open maps inspired by Wildlandsinterpretation of Bolivia. What exactly the classes are isn’t known right now, but the trailer above shows some players with light or heavy weapons while others are focused on using the game’s drone technology to their advantage. All classes will have unlocks available, including upgrades and perks.

Where things start to get interesting is in the new systems Ubisoft Paris is working to include in the mode. There will be a sound system that marks locations on the maps where players detect a noise. Additionally, the team is adding a suppression mechanic. Now players will have more opportunity than ever to find their foes, fix them in place and move in to flank them.

Whether the class-based mode can rise above other, similar products remains to be seen however.

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