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Hey Arnold! movie clip brings back the cartoon’s cast

Everybody loves Arnold

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

Nickelodeon brought new footage of Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie to San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s reminding us all that Arnold, age 9, is everyone’s best friend.

The three-minute clip, which you can watch above, consists of Arnold’s family and friends, plus numerous residents of Hillwood, surprising him on a rooftop with a clip of their own. It’s a video filled with testimonials to how kind-hearted, generous and helpful Arnold is.

“We call him Arnold: friend to all, force for decency, doer of good,” begins Arnold’s best friend, Gerald. “He’s the most dependable, trusty, true-blue friend I can imagine.”

Whether by encouraging Stoop Kid to come out of his shell (and off his own stoop), convincing big-band singer Dino Spumoni that he wasn’t washed up, or showing the hermit known as Pigeon Man that human company has its merits, Arnold has demonstrated to the world that he’s always willing to help someone in need and put their welfare above his own. (And their appearances in the clip tell us that much of the original cartoon’s cast will return for The Jungle Movie.)

The video appears to be a contest entry, with Gerald saying at the end, “Pure of heart: That’s Arnold, and that’s why he deserves to win the trip to San Lorenzo.” We know that The Jungle Movie — the second film spinoff of Hey Arnold!, following 2002’s Hey Arnold!: The Movie — will be set a year or two after the TV show’s final episode, and will take place largely in the fictional South American country of San Lorenzo.

“The biggest question the movie will answer is who Arnold’s parents are and what happened to them,” series creator Craig Bartlett said during a Comic-Con 2016 panel.

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie will premiere Nov. 23 on Nickelodeon. For more, read our interview with Bartlett from this year’s Comic-Con, in which he explains why it took so long for this second movie to happen and debunks all of the fan theories.

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