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Steven Universe: Save the Light adds a fan favorite to the cast — and a totally new character

The RPG’s roster keeps getting better

The charming role-playing game Steven Universe: Save the Light is heading to consoles later this year, and a new trailer from San Diego Comic-Con gives fans another reason to get pumped for it. Joining the playable roster is one of the Cartoon Network show’s most endearing characters: Peridot, the tiny green Crystal Gem with snark for days.

The video above gives us a peek at how developer Grumpyface Studio translated the fiery character to Save the Light for her debut video game appearance. But Peridot isn’t the only Gem of her kind to appear in the game. There’s also Squaridot, another Gem who’s totally new and exclusive to this title. She works alongside the villain of Save the Light, who we have yet to see in action.

squaridot reveal Grumpyface Studios/Cartoon Network

Peridot will surely be recruited to help defend her Crystal Gem pals against her fellow small, angry green alien. While she’s one of several favorite characters that can fight alongside Steven in the colorful, Paper Mario-esque RPG, there are several others the trailer introduces us to. Also shown are two fusions: Opal, the combination of Pearl and Amethyst, and Sardonyx, who’s composed of Garnet and Pearl.

We checked out Save the Light in May and found a lot to love. Read our impressions of the game before it heads to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

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