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The Last Jedi book covers show Poe Dameron’s new ride, other Star Wars secrets

LucasFilm reveals new images of Finn, Rose and Poe at SDCC


After the big reveals at Disney’s D23 expo, we didn’t expect all that much new Star Wars information to come out of the San Diego Comic Con. But the team at LucasFilm may have let a few things slip with the big batch of book covers it revealed this evening.

What follows are potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars’ newest character, a member of the resistance named Rose, was introduced at Star Wars Celebration in April and quickly became a fan favorite. But aside from a few, fleeting moments in trailers we don’t know much about her other than the fact that she’s portrayed by actor Kelly Marie Tran.

Now we know that Rose will be the a main character in Cobalt Squadron, a book written by best-selling author Elizabeth Wein and illustrated by Phil Noto. Cover art shows technician Rose and a couple of pilots, as well as the ships they fly into battle against the First Order.

The cover art also puts to bed one of the more confusing scenes in the new trailer. It turns out the new Resistance starships shown in that clip for the first time (see the 1:31 mark) are medium-sized bombers, not larger capital ships like many had assumed.


Another new cover also gives us our first look of Finn upright and walking around after the injuries he sustained in The Force Awakens. That book, titled Rose & Finn’s Mission, seems to indicate that the former stormtrooper and the bomber mechanic will be spending lots of time together on screen.


A third book cover gives us our first look inside the mysterious landspeeder-like spacecraft seen sailing over the surface of Crait, a new planet introduced for the first time in The Last Jedi.


Much like the Resistance bombers mentioned above, we knew that these ships were involved in some sort of battle. But the scale of the vessels was very hard to pin down, and their pilots were completely invisible. Some speculated that they might even be droids.

Now we know that at least one of these ships will be flown by Poe Dameron himself.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Incredible Cross-Sections will include technical readouts on 13 vehicles from the film in full-color. You can see all the newly announced covers on the official Star Wars website, including a children’s book about Chewbacca and the puffin-like porgs pictured above.

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