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Pokémon Go Fest attendees get apology gifts after server issues (update)

A hundo in PokéCoins

pokemon go fest stage Allegra Frank/Polygon

Pokémon Go Fest attendees will receive compensation for the event's widespread connection problems. Mike Quigley, CMO of Niantic, confirmed during the Chicago event's live stage show that all registered visitors would receive PokéCoins, the game's currency, as well as full refunds for their festival tickets.

Every player will be gifted $100 worth of PokéCoins at a later date. Attendees are advised to keep an eye on their email to find our more about when and how to claim their free cash.

This is a quick turnaround when it comes to making amends for the festival's daylong issues. Since I've been on the scene, I've been unable to log into my game for any longer than a short period of time, if at all. Several players have told me they've experienced the same thing throughout the day.

Others still have made Niantic CEO John Hanke aware of their displeasure. Each time he's taken the stage in Grant Park today, players have booed or demanded that Niantic "fix the game."

Update: Niantic has also extended the radius of the rare Pokémon available inside of Grant Park exclusively for Fest attendees. For the next 24 hours, rare Pokémon will spawn all the way into downtown Chicago. To be able to find them, Go Fest visitors need to ensure that they’ve scanned their QR code inside the grounds. After that, they’re free to leave — without risking missing out on those rare finds.