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Ben Affleck confirms he’s not leaving The Batman despite recent reports

Batman is just the coolest

Ben Affleck Batman

After recent reports hinted that Ben Affleck would be edged out by Warner Bros. on future Batman projects, the actor confirmed today he’s not going anywhere.

“Batman is the coolest fucking part in any universe,” Affleck told an audience gathered in HalI for Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-COn. “[I] would be a fucking ape on the ground for Matt Reeves."

The Batman has had quite a few issues since it was first announced last year. Since then, the movie has lost Affleck as a director and the script has undergone major rewrites. While director Matt Reeves, who is coming off a very successful press tour following War for the Planet of the Apes, is clearly excited to get his chances to tell a Batman story, there have been concerns that Affleck would step down because of issues in his personal life.

Now, however, it seems that Affleck is on board for The Batman and isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.

The next time Batman will don his iconic cowl is in Justice League, due out Nov. 17.