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Pokémon Go’s first legendary Pokémon, revealed

A winner is all of us

lugia The Pokémon Company

The first legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go is Lugia, as revealed at Pokémon Go Fest today. But a second one is heading to the game soon as well: Articuno.

While players worldwide have a chance to catch the second-generation monster during a special Raid Battle, all attendees will receive Lugia in their accounts without any need to battle the Pokémon. Consider this another form of compensation for all the technical issues at the event today.

Originally, Pokémon Go Fest attendees were going to have to unlock and fight the legendary monster at the event’s end. After all of the server issues that kept players from actually catching ‘em all today, the Lugia giveaway announcement set the crowd at ease.

As for Articuno, players have themselves to thank for unlocking that one. Because Team Mystic, the blue group of trainers represented by the legendary ice-type, caught the most Pokémon and earned the most rewards today, Niantic will unleash Articuno in its honor.

The developer hasn't said when we'll be able to catch Articuno. We guess it will be part of a legendary Raid Battle sometime this year. But players will soon find themselves in battle with Lugia in the meantime, at least; everyone worldwide will have the chance to fight and capture it starting tomorrow.

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