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Mark Ruffalo: Hulk speaks in Thor: Ragnarok, sort of

Next he’ll be a film critic

The Hulk

While he may not be reciting Shakespeare, Mark Ruffalo gave fans a big update on how how the Hulk will be a larger acting job for him in Thor: Ragnarok than the big green guy usually is. In Ragnarok, Hulk won’t just smash, but speak.

Of course, Hulk has spoken before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, famously dropping the one-liner “Puny god” on Loki after mopping the floor with him in The Avengers. But this will be different.

"He’s a little perma-hulked,” Ruffalo told attendees in Hall H, “and because he’s been Hulk for two years he has the vocab of a two-year-old. We have a speaking Hulk.”

Why has Hulk spent so much time as Hulk and not Bruce Banner? Because he wouldn’t miss the action on the far-away planet of Sakaar for the world.

“Hulk refuses to turn back into Banner,” Ruffalo said. “He’s actually enjoying his time on Sakaar, because he’s a gladiator champion. Which means he kicks a lot of ass and he’s enjoying his life for once. And he’ll be dammed if he goes back to Banner."

We’ll get a whole lot of Hulk — and probably some of Banner as well — when Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on Nov. 3.

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