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For SNES Classic pre-orders, keep your eye on Target

If you missed out on Friday, you’ll have another chance

SNES Classic Edition - left top angle view, close-up of power switch in ‘on’ position Samit Sarkar/Polygon

After Wal-Mart accidentally put the Super Nintendo Classic Edition up for pre-order last Friday night, Nintendo fans who missed out on the limited-time window might be kicking themselves. But Target confirmed to Polygon that it will soon have the in-demand item available for buyers to lock down.

“We will have the Super NES Classic, and it will be available for pre-orders on at a later date,” a representative told Polygon.

There’s no further information on when that “later date” will be, but this is good news for anxious buyers. Target now makes one retailer who’s prepping for SNES Classic Edition pre-orders, more than a month after Nintendo announced that the system was heading to stores this fall.

Wal-Mart will have the SNES Classic Edition back up for pre-order soon too, the retailer told some customers whose early purchases were canceled. But as for Amazon, Best Buy and other Nintendo system sellers, mum continues to be the word.

The SNES Classic Edition will hopefully be a little bit easier to buy than the NES Classic Edition, which was sold out almost as soon as it hit stores last fall. The SNES Classic Edition launches Sept. 29.

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