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Superman could have had a mustache in Justice League and everyone is mourning it

Just let him keep it, man

Superman Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s tough being Henry Cavill sometimes.

The actor best known for playing Superman in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League has a lot going on. He’s in the middle of filming Mission Impossible 6 and is still working on Justice League, which is undergoing major reshoots. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem for an actor. Most films have a few weeks’ worth of reshoots, but according to a report from Variety, the Justice League ones are extensive.

As such, Cavill keeps having to hop back and forth between Mission Impossible 6 and Justice League. That means the post-production crew is left with a difficult task: dealing with Cavill’s new mustache.

According to the Variety report, “a mustache he grew for his character in the Mission: Impossible sequel will have to be digitally removed in post-production.”

Since people have made the discovery that Superman could have had a mustache in Justice League, there has been a mourning for the facial hair that could have been. People have pointed out that having Superman with facial hair would have made for an excellent Gillette commercial, which also rolled out with Man of Steel in 2013. Others have just begun Photoshopping Cavill with a variety of different mustaches.

It’s evident that this is what the internet wants, but even more apparent that it’s something we will never get.

Of course, Superman is known for not having any facial hair and his boyish good looks. Not to mention that if Warner Bros. were to let Henry Cavill sport a mustache in the movie, they’d have to digitally add it to every scene he appears in — and we still haven’t even seen him in a trailer!

There’s no doubting thought that Cavill can rock the mustache, as seen in the photo above. When we ask for Warner Bros. to consider even leaving a hint of it, we do it out of love for the faint facial hair seen on Cavill’s face.

Justice League, and a Superman devoid of facial hair, will premiere on Nov. 17.

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