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Superman gets a mustache in Batman v Superman edit and all is right in the world

Looking good, Clark!

Nothing has riled up DC devotees and the pop culture internet at large more than the debacle over Henry Cavill’s reported mustache in reshoots for Justice League. Or as we at Polygon like to call it, the Justache League.

According to a Variety report, because of the extensive reshoots Justice League needs, Cavill can’t shave the mustache he has grown for Mission Impossible: 6. As a result, Superman’s mustache in the reshoots must be edited out in post-production, Variety says.

Since the report was published, there have been a few fantastic Photoshopped versions of a mustached Superman circulating online, but thanks to a new video, we can imagine what that might look like in a movie. Created by YouTuber David Johns, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice video includes some of Superman’s most important scenes made better with a goofy mustache.

For example, here is Superman at Capitol Hill, with a very obvious CGI-added, brown mustache:

Superman mustache David Johns/YouTube

The irony with this whole Justache League situation is that Warner Bros.’ marketing team for Justice League still won’t confirm that Superman appears in the movie. Clearly, Cavill will be making a return of some kind, but we don’t actually know what that looks like.

If Cavill does return as Superman, however, he certainly won’t be mustached. For one thing, it goes against the version of the character we know. Logistically, it’s also easier for the editing team to edit out his facial hair in new scenes than add a mustache to every scene they shot before Cavill grew it out.

Unfortunately for us, it may be some time before we see Superman with a mustache in a DC movie.

Justice League will be released on Nov. 17.

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