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Splatoon 2’s got a little tease for sneakerheads

Yeezy season has arrived in Inkopolis

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Splatoon2lede02 Nintendo

It’s been said many, many times now that Splatoon has style for days. But Nintendo continues to surprise us with just how much swag it can stuff into Splatoon, with sneaker collectors particularly impressed by the fashions in Splatoon 2.

On Reddit, players are freaking out over a reference to some of the most coveted kicks on the market right now. A pair of sneakers that look curiously identical to Adidas’ Yeezy Boost 750 are on sale in the Shella Fresh Shoes store, catching sneakerheads’ attention.

splatoon boosts Nintendo via Imgur

They’re called Black Norimaki 750s in-game, which makes the reference seem even more obvious. They can be yours for just ... 9,800 coins. Yep — they’re hella expensive, just like the real shoe. Still, since the real Boosts can retail for as much as $2,200, this may be some big-time sneaker lovers’ only way of getting a pair of Yeezys.

yeezy boost
The real Yeezy Boost 750s, for comparison.
Sneaker News

We know that Kanye West, who lends his nickname to the sneaker line, is big into classic games, along with some niche Nintendo Wii titles. We’re not sure if he’s a Splatoon guy, though, although we imagine he’d be into all the clothing options.

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