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Test Final Fantasy 15’s multiplayer expansion next week

Return to Eos with your own character

ff15 comrades screen Square Enix

The next part of Final Fantasy 15’s season pass is the online multiplayer mode, “Comrades,” and owners can take it for a test run starting next week.

A closed test for the expansion will begin on Aug. 3 and is expected to run through Aug. 8. Anyone with the game’s season pass will be eligible for the test version, which will feature a pared-down version of the upcoming full experience.

That experience sounds like a huge change from the base Final Fantasy 15, based on early details. The game’s playable characters are customizable avatars, although Noctis and the gang will appear as part of a future update. For the closed test, though, you’ll be taking on missions a Final Fantasy hero of your own.

Though the test will just have three online quests available, the full Comrades expansion will have both multiplayer and single-player missions that have their own storylines. Among the mode’s other features are different weapons to collect and level up, recipes to try out, a city to visit and collectibles to ... y’know.

The preview has much more limited versions of all of these and other features, like voice chat and meet-ups with friends. The best part of Final Fantasy 15, selfies, is also included.

There’s no date on when Comrades arrives in full, but it may be worth picking up Final Fantasy 15’s $24.99 season pass to get into that test. Check out some screens below — Comrades looks seriously different than Final Fantasy 15’s main campaign.

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