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Pokémon Go’s grossest glitch will ruin legendary Pokémon for you

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creepy pokemon go lugia sumika920/Twitter

Pokémon Go has legendaries in the game now — Lugia and Articuno, and more are on the way — but a glitch making the rounds on Twitter makes us long for the days before legendary Pokémon — because man, it’s disturbing.

A Japanese player whose handle is sumika920 took screenshots of a legendary Lugia they had the chance to battle following a Raid Battle. Instead of a majestic monster before them, though, sumika920 was greeted by this horrible sight:

What the heck happened here? Lugia looks like it has no bones — just a flexible, elastic creep. It’s like if Lugia had the consistency of Ditto, but this is no Ditto at all, my friends.

Twitter fell hard for this monstrous monster; the tweet’s got more than 26,000 retweets and 33,000 likes. Some of the most popular replies compare Lugia to other eerily posable bodies.

Lugia’s not the only legendary Pokémon who’s got this glitch going on. Another player ran into an Articuno that was even more twisted:

The worst part of all of this, aside from my copious nightmares, is that the glitch cost these players the chance to capture these rare Pokémon. With time running out on finding Articuno in Raid Battles worldwide, we all better hope we don’t get tripped up by this horrible bug.

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