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New It trailer includes the most menacing version of Pennywise yet

Clowns are bad

Warner Bros. brought a medley of exclusive clips and a new trailer for its upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s It to San Diego Comic-Con, and now the studio has just made the trailer available for everyone to watch.

[Warning: The following contains some spoilers for It.]

The new trailer includes the first moment we’ve heard Pennywise speak and not just laugh maniacally alongside one of the creepiest shots we’ve seen so far — Pennywise standing in a room full of clown dolls.

Out of all the trailers we’ve seen, this is perhaps the one that addresses just how scary the film will be instead of just teasing the horror. Pennywise finally looks like the menacing creature that we’ve always known him to be.

Additional footage of It was also shown at Comic-Con, including some pretty terrifying scenes, including one of Pennywise sitting in a tree, waving a hand that isn’t his at a petrified child below. It was one of the better looks we’ve gotten of the murderous clown following the first couple of trailers.

It will be released on Sept. 8.